Analytics can provide better organization and insight during Early Case Assessment (ECA) and attorney review. In addition to gaining better visibility into your data, solutions like email threading and near deduplication can dramatically reduce your reviewable population without a significant investment in time or money. Using analytics will help your team review more relevant data faster and reduce the amount of the non-responsive and duplicative material requiring attorney review.

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) leverages a well-defined and intuitive process coupled with your subject matter expert’s decisions about relevancy. Using TAR can significantly reduce costs associated with attorney review for large data sets. Contact’s team of project managers and consultants will guide you through the process, every step of the way.

  • Data reduction and reporting
  • Review acceleration workflows
  • Reduction of non relevant data without attorney review
  • Decrease potential privilege and QC errors prior to production
  • Gain incredible insight into your data