IP Services

Intellectual property is an integral part of the modern legal world.  The nature of the IP industry includes constant innovation, frequent changes to legislation, and unique circumstances for almost every matter.  Contact specializes in mitigating these variables by leveraging industry leading technology, custom processing tools, and a team of industry experts to create the most efficient process for our clients.  Whether it be through on-site source code review, complex term searching, assisting in preparation for depositions, Markman hearings & trials, and anything between, Contact has the experience to take a proactive approach that saves time and money.

Contact has built a team of former paralegals, case managers, and lit support professionals who all come from an IP focused background.  The combined experience to the team’s core includes dozens of cases and trials before the US International Trade Commission, the PTAB, and various district courts, as well as involvement in many IPRs, government inquiries, and internal audits.  These matters include litigation related to infringement, validity, and obviousness, as well as inquiries and reviews related to conception date, inventor status, and chain of custody.

This experience allows Contact to work closely with IP case teams by utilizing industry knowledge to create and optimize workflows that fit the case parameters and the wishes of our clients.  Our team members have been part of case teams at multiple large law firms across several major cities, and have been involved in end to end management of matters from initial early case assessment through trials and appeals.  This wide scope of understanding and experience provides Contact a unique ability to provide value to our clients through all stages of a matter and provide the very best eDiscovery products by looking beyond data management at the larger picture of the matter as a whole.

  • Team comprised of former paralegals, case managers with IP focused backgrounds
  • Trial experience before the USITC, PTAB, and various US district courts
  • Involvement with hearings, trials, IPRs, government inquiries & internal audits
  • Familiarity with workflows related to infringement, validity, obviousness, conception date, inventor status, and chain of custody
  • End-to-end case management experience across a wide variety of case sizes, review teams, locations and subjects