Contact Discovery has developed innovative methods and technology to reuse data in litigation. In the legal industry, time often equals money. How ironic is it that a majority of companies lose review time by focusing on documents that are not relevant to their case, while simultaneously incurring tremendous costs due to duplicative processing fees. We have not only crafted a better way for our clients to manage document review and production, but have also created a solution for the defensible reuse of previously collected, processed, and produced data.  Stored in a centralized location, this information can be reused, controlled and leveraged for years to come.

We have harnessed the power of the legal industry’s most widely utilized end-to-end review platform, Relativity, to create a methodology and system for data reuse. Contact Discovery has accomplished this with the creation of custom review layouts that incorporate how a case team’s documents are coded, researched and reviewed across a variety of matters, while also preserving attorney work product. Data continuity and machine learning helps Reclaim™ empower our clients to streamline the data reuse process. Cross-matter knowledge integration within our data reuse environment provides a strategic way to keep costs low and limit risk, all while reducing the complexity and stress of modern litigation.

By utilizing our suite of analytics, our case teams have the option of leveraging work product from previous matters and using those decisions and trends in matters moving forward, including privilege decisions, redactions, persistent highlighting, concepts, language identification, email threading, custodians and foreign language translations. Having this knowledge at your disposal means no additional time or resources are wasted on duplicative data collections, attorney review, and document production. As a new matter begins, your team of dedicated project engineers can quickly generate reports detailing the data accessible in your Reclaim™ environment, and more importantly, the data that you do not currently have access to.

  • Cost savings through the elimination of duplicative collection, processing, and storage fees
  • Identification and analysis of key issues over time to improve case strategy and results
  • Reuse of attorney work product in future matters
  • Consistent privilege coding decisions across matters; avoidance of inadvertent waiver of privilege
  • Expedited case set-up with data immediately available for analysis and review