Processing potentially relevant Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is often one of the most resource intensive phases during a matter. While there are multiple workflows available depending on your teams strategy, we have found that a solid collection plan coupled with a sound ECA approach will limit the amount of non- relevant data that needs attorney review. Once ESI has been collected and culled Contact will format the remaining potentially relevant subset for attorney review.

Contact’s approach to processing ESI revolves around a quality centric system that leverages technology to do the heavy lifting and puts the power of QC back into the hands of our experienced engineers. Contact is committed to automating the process to reduce error and allow our people to focus on delivering the best product possible, on time and mistake free.

  • Over 190 Cores Of Processing Power
  • State Of The Art Data Center Built To Support Large, Fast Moving eDiscovery Matters
  • Foreign Language And Non-Standard Data Types Supported
  • Fully Exception Managed Data Prior To Review
  • Reporting And Data Analysis Performed By Our Engineers, On Every Matter