Contact Discovery uses Kcura’s industry-leading technology for online document review. Relativity can be used by anyone and anywhere, as long as they have credentials to access the highly secure system. Accessibility and security are the two most important factors when choosing an external hosted solution; Contact’s infrastructure provides both.

Supported by Contact’s experienced team of project managers, analytics is one of many solutions that create synthesized data values and increase review efficiency. This technology is used by legal teams to organize and identify trends in a data corpus during review. Our project managers will help bring these trends to light and assist your team in their efforts to find relevant material faster than a more traditional, linear approach. The use of our technology, project management, and overall approach will ensure quality and success for your most complex legal review needs.

  • Highly secure and scalable review environment
  • 24/7/365 access
  • Multiple browser and operating system compatibility
  • Relativity PHP RGB 72ppiSuperior project management
  • Proven market leading technology